Crafting Networks

The ‘Connecting Craft and Communities’ research network is funded through the cross Research Council sponsored Connected Communities programme.

The aim of our network is to bring academics, researcher-practitioners, professional and amateur practitioners, activists, creative organisations, intermediaries and policy makers together to focus on three key areas:

Crafting Communities

Crafting Futures

Crafting Sustainability

The ‘Connecting Craft and Communities’ networking project will enable participants to examine the changing cultures, politics, practices and skills of Craft in the 21st century. We hope that the network will enable us to focus on the key themes of the broader ‘Connected Communities’ programme and develop our understanding of the role of Craft in developing self-reliance, economic regeneration, health and well-being within communities. We will to focus both on the community of craft practitioners, and also consider the place of craft practice within communities.

As a participant in this network, either virtually or in person you are invited to share your ideas or experiences with similarly invested contributors. This networking activity will enable people to make strong relationships that sustain collaborative working in the future.


2 responses to “Crafting Networks

  1. Hello I am very interested in this project. I have just received my doctorate in Information Systems writing about the role of technology amongst craft communities. I have also published a journal article this year looking at the role of social media in independent craft enterprise. If there is the possibility on future collaborations or opportunities to get involved with this project I would be very interested. All the best, Kate.

    • Hi Kate,
      thanks for leaving a comment and congratulations on your doctorate. Can you send me a Ref or link to your article and a copy of your thesis abstract?
      Many thanks and all the best,
      Katie Bunnell

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