Crafting Sustainability: Day Two

Richenda MacGregor

Richenda is an Artist and social entrepreneur working in the field of Art and Ecology.  She originally trained as a production potter and glassmaker and spent ten years working professionally as a Maker, Teacher and Trainer – facilitating the transformative process of making pots and glassware, and the parallel process of supporting people to empower and transform themselves.  She now works to facilitate a transformative way of being in the world. Alongside this work, Richenda practices as an Artist and Maker. She is the founder of the Totnes Transition Town group Sustainable Makers, acommunity of Artists and Makers actively enquiring into the social, cultural and economic role of the Maker.

Listen: Richenda MacGregor

Hilary Jennings

Hilary has worked extensively in the crafts sector as Craft Skills Director at CC Skills and freelance for the Crafts Council, Heritage Crafts Association and others.  An Associate on the Happy Museum Project she also co-developed the The Case for Optimism, a workshop programme exploring the role of arts and creativity in fostering “cultures of sustainability”.  She co-authored a PHF funded report, Sustainable Ability – mapping the response of the arts and cultural sector to climate change and resource scarcity and understanding the practical and behavioural barriers preventing greater depth and breadth of response.  She is founder Co-Chair of Transition Town Tooting.

Listen: Hilary Jennings (Part One)
Listen: Hilary Jennings (Part Two)

Michael Westley

Michael has twenty years experience of inclusive landscape design. He has worked with the Department of Health NHS Design Review Panel, CABE Space Enabler (public space ‘co-design’ & place analysis, design & training for CABE ‘Spaceshaper’) , Play-England national training & play strategy design, Program Manager, Sensory Trust (Eden Project) Plymouth University School of Architecture Design Environment (Associate Senior Lecturer), Founding Principal- Groundwork Plymouth Area. His design company, Westley Design, delivers Wellbeing by Design through consultancy and training, community based public space, healthcare and learning environments. Westley Design works in creative partnerships with client groups & artist/makers, through innovative consultation & collaboration to create unique, accessible, multi-sensory places.

Listen: Michael Westley

Thanh Giang Vo

Thanh Giang Vo works for Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage Service as an Arts and Social Care Coordinator. She runs a project which explores the therapeutic use of arts, craft, heritage and culture for vulnerable and socially excluded people. The project is in partnership with various local and national organisations. She also manages a programme ArtsinMind. To find out more about this service and the background of the project look at

Listen: Thanh Giang Vo

Jayne Howard 

Jayne has been the Director of Arts for Health Cornwall since 2005.  The early part of her career was spent in the public sector, initially in drama education and then in the NHS where she held a variety of senior management and Directorial roles. She has a passion for all the arts, particularly literary and performing arts, has an MA in 20th Century Art and Design History and a PgDip (with Disctinction) in English Literature.  Her work been characterised by an emphasis on partnership working to improve the experiences of individuals and communities and to tackle social injustice and inequalities.

Listen: Jayne Howard

Jemma Bagley

Jemma is a community arts development co-ordinator with Charnwood Arts in Loughborough with a special interest in arts in health. She run two weekly groups for adults with long term and enduring mental health illness in conjunction with the NHS. She also runs groups and activities for children and The Big Knitting Group for Charnwood Arts. In 2010 she developed an exhibiton called ‘Every Pocket Tells A Story’ which included pockets made by contributors from around the country and displayed historic pockets from Leicestershire county collection at Charnwood Museum Loughborough. She holds a degree in printed textile design and also works freelance as an artist/ illustrator and workshop leader.

Listen: Jemma Bagley

Natalia Eernstman

Natalia is an artist-researcher-facilitator, creating collaborative and site-specific work as a means to foster positive change in communities. With a background in theatre, community development and environmental education, her work address knotty sustainability related issues, using art to enter, untangle, problematize, connect, play, relook, explore and imagine. Her art practice lies in imagining and creating a flexible frame of expressive and playful interventions that engage stakeholders.  How to generate change and what the contribution/meaning of art is this context are topics of constant inquiry. She is currently doing a PhD on these questions at the University College Falmouth.

Listen: Natalia Eernstman

Jacqueline Atkinson

Jacqueline has worked in mental health, predominately as an academic, for 37 years, focussing particularly on people with schizophrenia and their families, and latterly mental health law. She has also been a quilter since an early age, and this has developed into an interest in quilting, and crafts more generally, and their relationship with wellbeing – for all and not just for people with different health problems. In 1990 as part of Glasgow’s Year of Culture she organised an art exhibition in a local Day Hospital, with art coming from across the UK.

Listen: Jacqueline Atkinson

Robert Pulley

Robert Pulley is Principal of West Dean College, an international postgraduate centre of the arts and a partner college of the University of Sussex. He was formerly Dean of Art and Design at Falmouth College of Arts and, prior to that, Subject Leader for Three-Dimensional Design at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. After graduating from the Royal College of Art he set up an independent design studio and manufacturing company. Robert Pulley is a member of the Craft Research Journal advisory board and of the design think tank  Salon.

Listen: Rob Pulley


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